Introducing NinjaDOGE, the revolutionary native asset on the Dero network that’s here to redefine privacy in the dogey world! With its cutting-edge technology, NinjaDOGE combines the playful spirit of the meme-driven DogeCoin with the serious focus on privacy that the Dero network offers. Imagine a cryptocurrency where your transactions are truly private, shielded by ninja-like anonymity protocols, bringing a new level of confidentiality to your financial interactions. Get ready to experience the joy of transacting with NinjaDOGE, where every transfer is a “wow” moment in the world of digital privacy.

Why did the doge sit in the shade?

Because he didn’t want to be a hot doge!

What makes ninjadoge so special?

NinjaDOGE is the first natively private pup!

Loves snacks!

Very ninja!

Permanently encrypted!

Much cute!

Woof, listen up, fellow doggos and hoomans! NinjaDOGE is here to rock the crypto world and it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen! 🐾 Imagine a world where your transactions are secret ninja missions – hidden from curious eyes, just like my favorite squeaky toy under the couch. With NinjaDOGE, we’re talking ultimate privacy on the Dero network. No more pawing around for privacy, it’s built right in!

NinjaDOGE isn’t just about secrets – it’s a party too! 🎉 Picture this: the legendary Doge meme meets the power of privacy tech. It’s like chasing your tail while wearing a stealth cape! The joy and fun of Doge combined with the secrecy of a ninja? Heckin’ amazing, right?

But wait, there’s more! NinjaDOGE isn’t just a treat for us doggos – it’s a game-changer for everyone. No more stress about who’s watching your bones (I mean, transactions). NinjaDOGE takes care of that, so you can focus on the important stuff, like belly rubs and treat time.

So, let’s bark it loud: NinjaDOGE is the future of crypto! It’s like chasing squirrels and catching them, all in one. It’s privacy, it’s playfulness, and it’s the best thing since the invention of the tennis ball. Join the pack, hop on the NinjaDOGE rocket, and let’s take the crypto world by storm – one stealthy transaction at a time! 🚀🐶

why do you look like a fox?

A frequently asked question!

I might look a bit like a fox, but don’t be fooled – I’m a proud Shiba Inu, and there’s a tail-wagging reason for this clever disguise. You see, Shiba Inus are an ancient breed from Japan, known for their spunky personalities and charming looks. Now, about that fox resemblance – it’s all about capturing that ninja spirit! Foxes are like the original ninja masters, sneaking around and being all stealthy. So, by looking a bit foxy, I’m letting you know that I’m here to bring some serious ninja-level privacy to the world of cryptocurrency. I may have a bushy tail, but I’ve got a heart full of encryption and a determination to make your transactions super safe and secret. Let’s show the crypto world that Shiba Inus can be stealthy ninjas too! 🐕🦊🥷



“Woof woof! I’m Buddy, and I just gotta say, NinjaDOGE is pawsitively amazing! I used to worry about my treats being seen by others, but now, thanks to NinjaDOGE, my transactions are as hidden as buried bones. No more nosy squirrels trying to steal my data! It’s like a treat for my privacy, and I’m one happy pup!”

Buddy Woofington, Barkington Park

“Daisy here, and let me tell you, NinjaDOGE is a tail-wagging revelation! I used to feel a bit exposed when sharing my doggy biscuits with friends, but NinjaDOGE changed the game. Now, I can share treats without anyone sniffing around my business. It’s like a secret tunnel just for my transactions. I’m barking with joy!”

Daisy Pawsworth, Paws & Tails Cafe

“Bark, bark! Max reporting in, and I’m thrilled to share my NinjaDOGE experience! Back in the day, I was concerned about my belly rub fund being public, but NinjaDOGE swept in like a hero. Now, my transactions are cloaked in secrecy, just like hiding my favorite chew toy. It’s like a protective paw over my financial privacy. NinjaDOGE, you’ve earned my tail wag of approval!”

Max Barkington, Woof Haven Doggy Resort

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what is a smart contract?

Another frequently asked question!

Woof! A smart contract is like a special automated script installed on a blockchain that self executes its rules when interacted with. It’s a code that knows what to do, sort of like when I know it’s time for play. But get this: it can do things all by itself once installed, like swapping toys with another pup, without needing anyone to watch! So, it’s like having a toy-sharing pal who follows the rules like a champ. Smart contracts make the crypto world as exciting as a game of fetch at the park! 🐾🎮

Let me break it down for you in tail-waggin’ terms. So, you know those smart contracts on the Dero network? They’re like those super-smart dogs who can do all sorts of tricks. But here’s the twist: for P2P transactions the native assets they emit follow rules written on Dero’s L1, not the contract that emitted them, just like digital doggy cash! These Dero native assets are here to make crypto magic happen!

Let’s talk a little more about native assets on Dero. These are like those cool toys you can carry anywhere. They’re not afraid to wander around without needing their contract babysitters. And that brings us to the star of the show: NinjaDOGE! This pup is a native asset that came to play from a smart contract on Dero. This ninja knows how to keep things private and ninjaly. Whether you’re a seasoned pup or a newbie, these native assets are like a secret treasure map to a world of encryption, and adventure! 🐾🚀🔒

where can i see the smart contract code?

The best question, about the best boi!

SCID coming soon!